Docenten opleiding YOGA FLOW ism ALL YOU CAN YOGA™

14666136_1330116933687421_7702849427390681104_nBen je verliefd geworden op de yogasoort die de ene beweging vloeiend in de andere laat overlopen en wil je alles weten over de theorie, anatomie en filosofie achter yoga? Dan is dit de opleiding voor jou! Verdeeld over ongeveer 6 maanden zien we elkaar 10 weekends en volg je zelf wekelijks minimaal 1 les in de week. Samen met een gemotiveerde groep leer je alles wat je moet weten om een Yoga Alliance gecertificeerde yogadocent te worden. PURA biedt deze opleiding aan vanaf 2017 in samenwerking met ALL YOU CAN YOGA™.


Early bird prijs : €1899,- (€200 KORTING! tot 6 weken voor de start van de opleiding)
Reguliere prijs = €2099,-

Locatie:   PURA YOGA studio, ECI Cultuurfabriek Roermond

De opleiding bestaat uit zo’n 200 uur praktijk & theorie, verdeeld over 10 weekends.

Docent: Wieneke van der Aa en gastdocenten.


Start opleiding
De YOGA FLOW opleiding van 2019 start in september:

Weekend 1:   28, 29 september
Weekend 2:  26,27 oktober
Weekend 3:   8, 9,10 november
Weekend 4:  30 nov, 1 december
Weekend 5:  14 december
Weekend 6:  11, 12 januari
Weekend 7:  1,2 februari
Weekend 8:  7,8 maart
Weekend 9: 27, 28, 29 maart
Weekend 10: 18,19 april (examen weekend)

vrijdag 18:30 – 22:00 uur (2x)
zaterdag 9:00 – 17:30 uur (10x)
zondag 9:30 – 17:00 uur (9x)

Examen en les volgen
Zelf volg je wekelijks gedurende de opleiding minimaal één yoga les.

Het laatste weekend vindt het examen plaats. Houd er rekening mee dat je de weken voorafgaand aan dit examen tijd hebt om te leren en om te oefenen met les geven (details zullen volgen tijdens de opleiding).

Omdat we samenwerken met het Amerikaanse ALL YOU CAN YOGA™ is de onderstaande informatie geschreven in het Engels. Heb je hier vragen over, stuur dan een mailtje naar Enkele boeken en manuals van de opleiding zijn geschreven in het Engels, dus een basiskennis Engels is wel noodzakelijk als je de opleiding wilt volgen. Alle lessen worden echter gewoon gegeven in het Nederlands. Handig wel mocht je de ambitie hebben om in het buitenland les te geven: dat zou je goed kunnen doen op basis van de theorie in het Engels die je krijgt aangereikt.

We raden je aan eerst kennis te maken in onze studio in Roermond met Wieneke. Persoonlijk op afspraak of tijdens/na/voor een van haar lessen.

Meer info of maak een afspraak:





About the course:

footer nieuwsbriefEveryone has a reason why they go to their first yoga class. For some of us it turns out to be a life changing experience. A feeling of ‘coming home’ and ‘I don’t know what happened, but I want definitely more of this!’ We practice it more and more. We feel better, it gives us comfort, strength and flexibility. We want to know more and start reading about it. We try different styles and classes. We grow and learn. And there comes a time, some of us want to share the gift of yoga to others.

And it ís a gift, for body and mind, and beyond.

The yogapath is different for all of us. We take our own routes along the way, sometimes stay a long time at one place and sometimes we sprint ahead. We can follow our own pace, being aware of the flow of life. Up and down. On and off. Just like a breathe. Just like life itself.

There is no end to a yogapath. We travel on it our whole life. We can’t rush or hurry, because we will learn what is suitable for us in a certain time, on a certain age, in different phases of our life and with a unique body. The next chapter will come to us when we are ready.

And it looks like you are ready for your next chapter. So why don’t we walk a part of this yogapath together? We would love to get to know you better if you are ready to be true to who you really really really deepdown inside are, if you are willing to be pure and honest to yourself and others, if you are willing to grow even more in the beautiful YOU that you already are.


wieneke youtubeWho is this training for?

Are you in love with yoga, and especially the flowing form? Are you ready to take your next step on your professional AND personal path? You want to deepen your own practice, learn more about your body, poses, anatomy, philosophy and so much more? You want to join a group of motivated fellow yogi’s on their journey and learn from master teacher Wieneke in her studio PURA in Roermond? Than you are ready to get your flow on!

About the curriculum

In summary:

  • Yoga History
  • Principles of the Yoga Practice
  • The Chakras: Reprogram Your Life
  • Asana Lab – Alignment and Posture Breakdown
  • Dharma Talk: Light on Life
  • Anatomy & Physiology
  • Yoga Philosophy & Lifestyle
  • The Art of Teaching: Finding Your Voice
  • The Yoga Profession
  • Business of Yoga

Image-1-3Asana practice: you will deepen the understanding of the asana’s by practice and by learning the theory behind them. You will be led through several classes to learn the PURA YOGA FLOW sequence as well as the poses separately and thoroughly. You will learn the principles of yoga practice, such as: foundation of the base, press & rebound, law of compensation and dual action. You’ll know how to avoid injuries for yourself and your future students. And you will know how to build a sequence of your own.

Teaching skills: you will explore the art of teaching from where you come from when you start this training. Wieneke will guide you to your full potential, sometimes confronting and straight to the point, sometimes by giving you extra assignments, but always with the best intentions and with a smile. So you will learn how to effectively express yourself and be the teacher you want to be! You will get a diploma from All you can yoga, which is qualitatively similar to a Yoga Alliance (USA) accreditation. You are ready to teach in The Netherlands if you’re Dutch or globally if you are ready to deliver your flow in English. Depending on the registrations the course will be in Dutch (mainly) and English (reading material).

Personal growth: You will understand more about how your mind works and what you stand for. You will experience more happiness if you learn about your thought patterns and the chakra system and will be able to make the changes you desire. Studying sutras, mantras, kiryas, koshas, kleshas, bandhas and pranayama will bring your practice to a whole new dimension. Surrounding yourself with people that have the same intentions, will lift you up higher and will leave you possibly with new friends for life!

There will be a practical and theory exam.

Recommended books

  • Alberto Paganini, Prana Yoga Flow, Ankh-Hermes (deze kunnen wij voor je bestellen)
  • Ray Long, The Key Muscles of Hatha Yoga, Bandhayoga
  • Ray Long, The Key Poses of Hatha Yoga, Bandhayoga
  • Mark Stephens, Teaching Yoga, North Atlantic Books
  • Mark Stephens, Yoga Sequencing, North Atlantic Books




Start from the basics
Learn the A to Zs of yoga as a discipline and profession

 Discover your body’s extraordinary capacity

You will be led through several ‘asana labs’ where you’ll dissect different poses to learn the principles of the yoga practice: Foundation of the Base, Press & Rebound, Law of Compensation and Dual Action.

 Make friends for life

Surround yourself with people that lift you higher.

 Learn the art of sequencing

Modify according to the level of your students practice.

 Develop your inner teacher

Learn how to effectively express yourself.

 Live your passion

Make a living by doing what you love.

 Learn how to avoid injuries

With your newfound body awareness, you’ll be able to move through your life without getting hurt.

 Deepen your asana practice

You’ll leave your training expressing poses that seemed impossible.

 Expand your spiritual practice

Studying sutras, mantras, kiryas, koshas, kleshas, bandhas and pranayama will bring your practice to a whole new dimension.

 Understand the way your mind works

By learning more about your thought patterns and the chakra system, you’ll be able to make the changes you desire

Requirements for the course

  • Age 18+
  • MBO+ niveau
  • Yoga experience > 6 months
  • Vinyasa or flow yogaclasses followed > 10 classes
  • No injuries or illness that hinders your practice
  • You have to be comfortable with reading in English


We raden je aan eerst kennis te maken in onze studio in Roermond met Wieneke. Persoonlijk op afspraak of tijdens/na/voor een van haar lessen.

Meer info of maak een afspraak: